Monday 31 March 2014

Diceni 2014

Stock ordered and fees paid so that Utherwald can put in an appearance at this year's Diceni event. There will be copies of Alyeskan Tales available for purchase along with free copies of a Frozen Skies one sheet adventure for the Savage Worlds system.

Also a reminder about our GoFundMe campaign to help get Frozen Skies funded and thus released, feel free to check out or share

Thursday 27 March 2014

GoFundMe Update #2

Small update, just mainly showing what all the donations will be spent on.

This is a Work In Progress picture of one of the many NPCs that will appear in Frozen Skies when it is completed.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

GoFundMe Update #1

Time to get the ball rolling properly.

Yes the GoFundMe campaign has been up for a week already as I figure out how everything works as part of a 'soft opening' as it were, but a big thank you to Steven Mortimore for his generous donation. But now I really need to push this if it is to go anywhere, so I ask that people at least share this even if they don't decide to donate.

Other than promote this heavily the plan is to have a new piece of artwork done for every £100 raised, mainly as a sign that everyone's help is nudging Frozen Skies ever closer to being finished. In the next week or so I hope to be able to have up either concept art or finished artwork.

Again, thanks for your time in at least reading this.

Thursday 6 March 2014

Alyeskan Tales Print Now For Sale!

The print version of Alyeskan Tales is now finally ready for purchase for £2.50 either by itself or with the PDF version, plus postage.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

To Crowdfund Or Not To Crowdfund...

Probably the only real major hurdle I'm facing with Frozen Skies is getting together the funds to complete it, whilst things have been steadily been improving it still remains difficult to get Frozen Skies funded and thus released.

Current goal is to see about getting an enterprise loan to get things rolling, though that requires stuff like drawing up business plans and sales forecast. Making some headway here but I'm concern that the awarding body may reject it due to them not being familiar with RPGs.

Crowdfunding is a possible option and the first Kickstarter I tried didn't do THAT badly, though there are many things that I could've done differently. But the issue I see with Kickstarter is that since I'm effectively an unknown entity I'm going to struggle against somebody who is more well known (as has been more with the more successful Kickstarter projects). Course things might do a bit better since I've been working on getting a presence out there and have Alyeskan Tales out as an example, but there is still a bit of uncertainty....though this year I am attending a couple of shows simply to get the exposure.

So what are people's thoughts on this? Do you have any suggestions or ideas that might help?