Wednesday 30 August 2017

A Surprise Announcement!

Mentioned that I'm hoping to release Frozen Skies soon-ish, especially since the writing and layout work is pretty much done. No word on an actual release date as of yet, mainly because I don't want to commit to something unless I'm pretty certain that it'll be met. However, I do have bit of a surprise announcement to make....


Yep, you read that right.

There'll be a Kickstarter for Frozen Skies starting in late October (date to be confirmed) and run by Applied Vectors. The main objective is to help pay for more artwork and cover some of the final costs to get Frozen Skies released. The stretch goals (if it gets that far) will cover the Skies of Crimson supplement for Frozen Skies that'll focus on the sky pirates of the setting and introduce new content.

Will probably post a preview link and confirm launch date when the campaign is close to being ready.

Until then, heres a preview of Frozen Skies' layout work.

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Cold War Skirmishes: Odd Angry Shot

So last week we took a look at a few ideas I had for Skies of Crimson, this week we return to Cold War Skirmishes and delve deep into the jungles of Vietnam with the ANZACs. Odd Angry Shot is the name of this book, covering the Australians and New Zealanders in a conflict that was dominated by the Americans. This should hopefully form a good starting off point for the Cold War Skirmishes line.

The Odd Angry Shot

Thankfully theres a decent amount of material available that I can draw upon regarding the Australian and New Zealand forces in the Vietnam War. Both tended to use more or less the same pieces of equipment standard throughout the British Commonwealth in addition to gear acquired from the Americans. There was some differences between the two such as organisation, though most of these were minor and will probably be covered if they're considered important.

*Timeline of ANZAC involvement in the Vietnam War from the first training advisers through to final withdrawal of forces.

*Brief history of the ANZACs.

*Organisation and operational methods, pretty much patrol structure and how they conducted patrols.

*Gear & Equipment.

*List of ANZAC units that served in Vietnam.

*Adventure/campaign ideas.

*Further Interest, list of books and films that would be considered useful.

Again, open to ideas and suggestions.

Wednesday 16 August 2017

Skies of Crimson Brainstorm

With Frozen Skies currently in layout and a (hopeful) release of some point in the next 2-3 months, its time to take a look at a future project. Skies of Crimson is one of those future project and is a supplement for Frozen Skies that focuses mainly on the sky pirates aspect of the setting. This week's post is more of a brainstorm/list of initial ideas of stuff that I'd like to include in the book, course theres no telling what may end up in the final product.

Skies of Crimson

The focus of the book is on the sky piracy that exists in the world of Darmonica, so obviously alot of it is going to be focused on sky pirates. But I do intend for some more general stuff that can be used in almost any type of game for Frozen Skies.

*Airship/Skyship Rules:- Covering blimps, zeppelins and of course Darmonica's Skyships. Uncertain on whether there'll be construction rules or just different examples given and how to handle them in combat.

*More Aircraft:- Yeah, this was probably a given. Probably try to do some non-Commonwealth planes.

*More Gear:- Stuff like aircraft weapons in the form of aerial torpedoes and specialist gear for boarding actions.

*Base Building/Airfield Rules:- Partially inspired by the Lodge rules in Rippers and the campaign rules from the Zeppelins & Bombers supplement for the old Crimson Skies game.

*Broken Spires:- A chapter on Frozen Skies' sky pirate haven wouldn't go amiss.

*NPCs & Beasts:- Sky pirates is an obvious one here, plus notable characters in Broken Spires.

Thats my initial thoughts on possible content, though I'm sure there be some great suggestions offered.