Wednesday 22 October 2014

Alyeskan Tales Print

The updated print version of Alyeskan Tales, the fiction companion for the Frozen Skies setting, is now ready. You can find it along with the PDF version at;

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Mail and Cross-Promotions

Was waiting to post this but Royal Mail doesn't seem to be playing ball.

The overhauled PDF of Alyeskan Tales is now up, with layout and cover done by the very talented Ian Liddle. Just waiting for the proof of the print version to arrive before that goes live.

Now for a bit of cross-promotion; A friend of mine has recently stepped into the world of self-publishing with her own pantomime version of Sleeping Beauty, it is quite funny and so feel free to share and/or purchase.

Saturday 4 October 2014

October Update!

After an improv holiday it's time to state whats happening with the Press.

*Alyeskan Tales is currently in the process of being redone. This includes some minor edits, improved layout and a new cover. Both the PDF and Print-on-Demand versions will be updated with the new files in the next few weeks.

*City of the Wulf is a new project thats currently pending, it is intended to be a source book that covers the city of Point Fenris located in the Wulflands. It is a city under siege with the Wulvers at its gates and even more sinister forces lurking within.