Wednesday 1 November 2023

November 2023: Mutterings From The Shadows

 Tis been a while hasn't it?

First blog post in more than 18 months, but life has once again settled down into something of a routine and thus I am able to devote a bit more time to Frozen Skies. Figured it was high time that I put out a long overdue blog post, if anything to establish where things currently stand and couple of ideas I'm toying with at the moment. So draw up a chair, pour yourself a mug of your favourite beverage and settle down for a cosy little read.


Frozen Skies

It is being worked on.

 Still very much in the draft stage, but it is currently being proofread and edited. Still couple of things that I'm not 100% happy with (one of these is covered below), but I'm looking to see how I can improve these and may devote future blog posts to them. Once I'm satisfied with the writing I'll begin to look at layout and art, the latter I want to ideally reduce or completely remove stock art to ensure that nothing seems too jarring.

As for the release date, nothing set in stone as of yet (some stuff does take a while and no timescales yet) but I want to say some point in 2024....maybe the second half. Once I have something more concrete I'll be able to nail down a particular date.

Here Be Wulvers

Another revision, never quite been happy with how they've worked rules-wise and I've had an idea or two playing a Shifter from Savage Eberron. Part of this also stems from a desire to simplify the rules for Wulvers to help better fit the Fast Furious Fun ideals of Savage Worlds.

The Rage tokens (functionally similar to Bennies) idea feels like it would just end up being extra bookkeeping and potentially slow the game down. My new train of thought is having the Wulfblood character 'shifting' as a limited free action or when the GM considers the situation to extremely stressful that the character shifts. Regardless of what causes the character to tap into their wulver heritage, they must make a spirit roll and consult the table below;

Raise:- The character can change and retains full control, may change back at will.
Success:- The character changes, but suffers a level of Fatigue as the character fights to keep their inner beast in check. The Fatigue lasts for 1d4 hours after the character changes back.
Failure:- The character changes, but does not have control and will attack whoever is closest. Lasts for 5 rounds plus 1 for each Wulfblood edge the character has. Afterwards, the character has a level of Fatigue for 2d4 hours.
Critical Failure:- Character loses control and goes berserk, attacking whoever is in their way. The character may attempt a Spirit roll once every hour to retain control, though after three consecutive failed rolls the character is lost.

Of course it's still submit to change depending on feedback, but what do you guys think?