Monday 27 May 2024

May 2024: Per Ardua

Progress on getting Frozen Skies plods along at a admittedly slow pace, due in part to a somewhat busy job role and other factors. Regardless, progress is being made even if I cannot give a firm release'll be done when it's done. Still, heres a glimpse at some of the changes.

Savage Skies

Probably a big part of Frozen Skies is it's air combat rules, still going with the more tactical approach of using a hex grid but still need to nail down some of manoeuvres. Been playing around a bit with how best to scale speed and weapon ranges, basically how best to calculate these for a hex grid to try and give a good balance. Now decided to go with 1 hex grid equals 10 inch for both speed and weapon ranges, this brings it in line from what I've seen of the new SciFi Companion.

Theres also some changes to movement and updating some aircraft mods and weapon stats, the latter to bring them more in line with SWADE.

Other Stuff

Not included in this sample is changes to the rules for the Wulftouched, looking to showcase this once I'm happy with the rules for Frozen Skies' version of Weird Science. Beyond that would be lore changes to the settings to address some things that I've since grown dissatisfied with.