Friday 21 June 2013

What is Frozen Skies?

The Elevator Pitch

“Firefly in a Crimson Skies like Dieselpunk setting.”

The Longer Version

Frozen Skies, and by default the greater setting as a whole, aims to capture both the fringes of society and pioneer culture from Firefly and the Pulp Aviation aspect from Crimson Skies. The key thing to keep in mind with the setting is that whilst there are probably plenty of jobs to be had, it doesn’t necessary mean that these jobs are all that legal.

The general idea for games set in the setting is that the Player Characters are assumed to be working in or at least have links with the grey and black markets. Adventures could involve smuggling contraband past the law or transporting cargo which whilst fully legal the owner wishes to be kept out of sight. Though if your players tire of being smugglers they can always delve into a bit of classic dungeon crawling Indiana Jones style in search of artefacts to sell to the highest bidder.

Course if your players seek a higher level of play then there is the chance for them to form their own cartels or get involved in the power plays between the various nations that make up the setting. Certainly in future publications it is planned to introduce elements like running convoys and stuff on the various cloak-and-dagger games going on behind the scenes. In many respects Frozen Skies could be considered the introduction to the setting, your players’ band of characters taking their first step towards power and fortune.

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