Thursday 8 January 2015


Starting to get the foundations of the setting made solid.

Decided upon having the Great Darmonican War as a *BIG* event in recent history, it only having ended some ten years prior. It was a major conflict that lasted about 30 years, so gives us a bit of a reference if we take the Time And Time Again post in consideration. Thus we're looking at;

*Year Zero - The Fall of the Ancient Terrans, each year after is referred to as 'After Fall' (AF for short).

*1796 AF - The Great Darmonican War begins.

*1826 AF - Following 'The Blast', that devastates a portion of the Holy Sodkan Empire and causes the Sodkan Empress Polinia Serlova to disappear, the Great Darmonican War ends.

*1836 AF - The 'present' day in the setting.

Effectively the world is in a post-War state, reconstruction and to a degree rationing are the order of the day. Various powers would be testing the waters as the balance of power tries to adjust in the war's aftermath, so opportunities exist for dishonest smuggling or cloak and dagger actions behind the scenes. No formal peace treaty has, as of yet, been drafted and therefore only an armistice exists which has seen an uneasy peace hold for a decade. A return to open conflict is seemingly only a shot away, though the powers of Darmonica ensure that their hidden skirmishes do not boil over into outright war.

This is the Realms of Darmonica setting.

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