Wednesday 18 February 2015

Glossary of Alyeskan Slang & Terminology

A/c: aircraft.

Bandit: enemy aircraft.

Deck: the ground.

Eggman: insult for an officer.

Fitter: aircraft mechanic.

Gen: information.

Gremlin: a mythical creature that lived on certain aircraft and caused it to go "u/s" at the most inconvenient times and then could not be located as the source of the problem.

Half-pint hero: a boaster.

Hawk: another term for an officer.

Hop the twig: to crash fatally.

Jink away: sharp maneuver, sudden evasive action of aircraft.

Juice: aviation fuel.

Kite: an aircraft.

Met: Meteorology Officer or weather report.

Pack up, to: to break down, as in "My port engine packed up as I came in to land".

Port: the left side of an aircraft as seen from pilots seat.

Prang: to crash an a/c.

Pukka: genuine, as in "pukka gen".

Shufti: to look.

Starboard: the right side of the aircraft as seen from pilot's seat.

Touch down: to land.

U/S: unserviceable - broken or not available.

Wind Waste: dead.

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