Wednesday 29 July 2015

On Matters Racial

Had a decent response from the feedback survey I posted up last week, quite some interesting response. Overall people seem to be open to the idea of non-Human races in Frozen Skies, though they weren't so keen on them being playable races.Regardless I'll keep it going for another week, if you want to fill it out then the link can be found here;

Now onto this week's post.

First off I wish to stress that there are NO plans for the Wulvers becoming playable characters, they're intended to be savage (if somewhat cunning) beasts.They're intended to be predator in the Alyeskan wilderness, a horde thats threatening to overrun the last bastion of Man on the Continent. Its possible that they may have a primitive culture, though its probable that they can claw their way up trees. They'll certainly rip you limb from limb if given half a chance.

Secondly, couple of non-Human races that probably will be in Frozen Skies but optional far as being playable characters are concerned.


I've posted about these giant bird riding tribals before, even hinting at them being possibly non-Human since it was an idea that I was toying with. Physical details I'll cover at a later date, but the general idea was that the Windryders were around before the Ancient Terrans were. As the Ancient Terrans rose to power they raided Windryder camps for slaves, this is why the Windryders tend to be nomadic and mistrustful of outsiders. The ones that became slaves of the Ancient Terrans ended up forming an offshoot of the Windryders, namely the...


After being slaves of the Ancient Terrans for countless generations, the Genchi lost much of their old Windryder ways and gradually formed their own distinct culture. They had a mechanical aptitude breed into them, so using mechanical devices as well as repairing and/or scavenging them comes naturally to a Genchi. Though the Genchi tend to be treated as second-class citizens and so are often found in their own ghettoes or doing menial factory work, though a minority have found work in the military as mechanics. A skilled handful have even managed to better themselves.

Making Characters

Below are templates created via the Savage Worlds race creation rules, these are useful as guidelines for making NPCs of the above races or could be used to create player characters if the GM allows it.


Skyborn - d6 in Riding
Icy Home - +4 vs Cold
Pacifist (Minor)


Grease Monkey - d6 in Repair

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