Wednesday 31 August 2016

An Aviator's Rest

The main focus of Frozen Skies is unsurprisingly aviators and their aircraft, plus a fair amount of time spent in the wild blue yonder. There are going to be times when the characters will find themselves with their feet firmly rooted on the ground over the course of their adventures, a good part of that will probably be at various different aerodromes. These aerodromes can range from the 'air stations' of the Commonwealth Air Force through to airstrips serving remote settlements in the Alyeskan wilderness, but the PCs can expect to visit each type at one time or another.

Commonwealth Air Stations

These are the air bases of the Commonwealth Air Force and typically come with significant facilities to support aircraft and crew. Though primarily used by the military they do see some use by the Alyeskan Aerial Corps, typically moving supplies and men to wherever is required. Comforts on offer tend to vary with the size of the base.

Aerial Corps Landing Grounds

ACLGs are small airfield scattered throughout the Alyeskan wilderness, though they're little more than a runway with fuelling equipment and a single hanger for light repairs. These airfields also feature a large wooden hut that serves as both accommodation for the airfield's staff and as a terminal building for passengers and freight.

Bush Strips

There are the numerous airstrips found across Alyeska in remote areas, serving either mining camps or isolated settlements. Often they'll have little more than fuelling equipment available, though some run by keen businessmen will have greater facilities on offer even including bars and motels.

Ghost Strips

So-called 'ghost strips' are aerodromes that have been abandoned for some reason or another, alot of them can be found in the Wulflands but they can be found in other places across Alyeska such as Roth Island. Despite being abandoned and sometimes in a poor state of repair, these old aerodromes are still used but mostly by smugglers and the like. In some cases the 'ghost' part is played up by those very same smugglers to scare off unwanted attention, in other cases....

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