Wednesday 5 April 2017

Vehicle Combat: Sword vs Tank

After revising the Cloudhaunts recently, one thing I noticed is that there doesn't seem to be much regarding vehicles and melee combat. This is fairly important since Cloudhaunts attack vehicles (aircraft in this case) and only have their claws to attack with. Obviously a means of handling this needed to be thought of, something that sparked off one or two other ideas.

Vehicle Combat: Sword vs Tank

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 As stated previously Cloudhaunts attack aircraft, normally en mass to in order to force it to crash via sheer weight of numbers. Since a vehicle technically doesn't have a Parry I've had to go with something else, ended up going with the pilot's Piloting skill -2 as the TN for Cloudhaunts to get in order to attack an aircraft.

Then I got thinking about how the aircraft's pilot would be effected, critters clinging to and clawing at his aircraft is going to cause problems. Did think of going with a flat -2 penatly for Piloting rolls, but figured that something based off the Ganging Up rule would probably work better. So the pilot will get a -1 penatly to his Piloting roll for every creature attacking his plane, though to a max of -4. This makes Cloudhaunts that little bit more of a threat whilst at the some time make for a more dramatic game as the players try to shake them off their aircraft to reduce the penatly.Course some of this would be useful for dealing with Skyjackers trying to board the aircraft, least the penatly and the following maneuver;

Shake (-1 to -4): The pilot can try jinking his aircraft in order to shake loose whatever is clinging onto their aircraft. A success and each raise will throw off one of the clingers, perhaps even reducing the pilot's penatly if enough of them are thrown off. The modifier depends on how many creatures are clinging onto the aircraft. If the roll is failed, the pilot goes out of control as usual.

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