Monday 20 May 2019

Update May 2019

So...its been a wee while since an update on things was posted.

The big thing most people are going to be interested in is what is currently happening with Frozen Skies, chiefly the update to SWADE. Also covered will be plans for the future, new products and potential events. There will also be a small announcement, so hang around for that.

Frozen Skies

Have already confirmed that Frozen Skies will be receiving an update to SWADE and it has been something that's been worked on. Can't currently give an ETA, but provisionally it'll be some point over the summer. Presently the Bestiary is the current section being worked, pretty much the various NPCs that need restating ( has been a huge help here). Then it'll be the Adventures section, updating what is currently there and attempting to include an extra adventure or two.

You can check out the current version of the update *HERE*.

After the SWADE update is done I intend to start work on the next Frozen Skies book; Skies of Crimson.

This book will have a strong focus on sky pirates and a detailed look at the pirate haven of Broken Spires in addition to all the usual goodies. Certainly a few pirate gangs will feature along with stuff relating to aero-vessels.

Other Products

Other items in the pipeline include mini-settings of the various Setting Ideas that I've posted about previously and more content for Cold War Skirmishes (beyond Operation Thule). First proper entry for CWS is likely to be the ANZACs in Vietnam, allowing content to be used with Tour of Darkness.


Recently did Diceni in Norwich, though personally I am not likely to be attending any more events this year. You may be able to find copies of Frozen Skies at other shows, possibly ones that have a presence from Indie Press Revolution.

Have a wishlist of shows that I'd like to do next year, but its too early to say anything at this stage.


Frozen Skies has been submitted for this year's ENnie Awards, not sure how well it'll do be we'll see when nominations are announced in July.

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