Friday 27 March 2015

State of the Press March 2015

OK, figured it was time for another update on things.


The Kickstarter preview has been posted a few weeks back, gotten some feedback but haven't done much more work on it. Still hoping to get it luanched towards the end of May just before UK Games Expo, though have the weekend off from the dayjob so plenty of time to work on (plus the girlfriend can act as taskmaster).


Diceni and UK Games Expo are still go, will be ordering stock for Diceni next week and other prep work.

The Lost Sodkan Mine game at UKGE is now fully booked, which is somewhat reassuring and so I just need to tweak and work on the adventure after its initial playtest.


*Frozen Skies:- Still working on this, have been looking at producing a setting primer to tide people over until the actual book is done. From feedback I've gained from putting the idea out there it is likely to contain setting details and gear, perhaps one or two game mechanics.

Will post a playtest version before I see about turning it into a proper PDF, it will ultimately go on RPGNow listed as a Pay What You Want product.


Also looking at perhaps trying to do a series of articles on different subjects, the Brimstone one could be considered an example of this. The idea is to try and do one location and maybe a creature feature/faction post a month.

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