Wednesday 22 April 2015

A Cesspit of Bureaucracy: The Alyeskan Aerial Corps

The Alyeskan Aerial Corps is a state-owned, or 'Crown Corporation' in Commonwealth lingo, air transportation company thats answerable to the Governor-General.

The main purpose of the Aerial Corps is maintaining vital communication links across the Continent by providing air services for passengers, mail and general freight. The Corps also operates a 'flying doctor' service for remote settlements, typically flying out a doctor twice a week to settlements that lack one of their own or an air ambulance for medical cases that require urgent treatment at a proper hospital. For many settlements the Corps effectively their lifeline.

For the pilots' themselves its a cesspit of bureaucracy.

The Corps is a sticker for paperwork, perhaps even more so than the military as many of its full-time pilots bemoan but its still steady work. The Corps also makes use of freelance, semi-independent pilots known as 'Auxiliary Pilots' who typically get one-off jobs as and when the Corps need it. Pay for an Auxiliary isn't the best around, but there will always be a job going and the opportunity of going full-time with the Corps.

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