Wednesday 29 April 2015

Alyeskan Gazetteer: Broken Spires

Another location nestled amongst the Bastion Peaks, though close to the Wulflands, is the pirate haven and outlaw town of Broken Spires.

This shanty town that stands defiantly against the Law is infamous across Alyeska and beyond.


Broken Spires was sort of conceived by accident and evolved over time rather than come into being as a planned settlement, in fact if it wasn't for the invention of aircraft it probably never would have existed.Record keeping is something that is somewhat lacking in Broken Spires which makes creating a definite timeline for the city somewhat difficult. It is generally known that it owes its existence to a gang of sky pirates seeking a place to lie low for a while. The gang sought refuge in the narrow, twisting canyons that characterize the western Bastion Peaks. Despite only intended as a temporary bolthole a settlement gradually as other sky pirates were drawn by the relative safety from the law that it offered and they were in turn drawn by merchants looking to make a quick profit by servicing the needs of the sky pirates.

The fledging city's early years were marked by chaos and violence as rival gangs clashed with one another, heedless of the damage they inflicted on the city itself. Things only settled down after an incident almost razed half the city and folk decided that enough was enough. In a rare display of unity the citizens and some of the gangs banded together to drive out the culprits, then set about bringing a degree of order to the city. Thus was born the position of Sky Marshal and the Air Wardens militia to forge order through force of will....and force of arms. As a result, most of the pirates, smugglers, and thieves that populate the Alyeskan wilderness treat Broken Spires as neutral territory.Though tensions remain high due to the presence of the crime lords that dubbed themselves the 'Sky Captains' to seek to expand their influence and power at the expense of others.

Present State

Broken Spires is a health and safety nightmare, the entire city and its buildings have been laid out in such a fashion to send most planners insane. The Air Wardens are only concerned with keeping the peace when the trouble threatens to damage the city, beyond that they don't really care if the pirates and bandits kill one another long as there is no collateral. A thriving outlaw mechanic industry has formed in Broken Spires, with scores of machinists and aircraft experts performing illegal and dangerous modifications on pirate craft. In addition the city's economy relies heavily on profits from the best saloons and whorehouses in Alyeska.

Plot Hooks

*An racer is interested in a highly sought after mechanic who can be found in Broken Spires...for a price.

*Sky pirates and their stolen cargo have been tracked to the city, the Air Police are interested in bringing the scoundrels to justice but require freelancers to do the job.

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