Wednesday 6 January 2016

New Year, Same Goals

Welcome to 2016 folks!

The overriding goal for this year is to get the main Frozen Skies book produced and released, something that I am hopeful will be achieved.

Once the Frozen Skies book is done I'll be looking at producing a few more adventures, perhaps a campaign as well. Will also be looking at producing a city book on the pirate haven of Broken Spires, after that it'll be a case of seeing what feedback I get to determine what else to do with the setting.

There is some non-Frozen Skies stuff that I'd like to do which includes a British based modern supernatural setting, though that may initially take the form of a series of articles on this blog. I also have ideas for something thats subterranean based and presently has the title 'Deepwatch', mostly revolves round a militant group defending an underground settlement from the....Things that lurk deep beneath the group. I cannot say what form Deepwatch will take with regards to it being fantasy, steampunk or science fiction/post-apocalypse.

I've been helping out on a setting called Gloomlight. The general gist is that it is set in the not too distant future where the various major trade agreements currently in the news go ahead and allow big corporations to do away with legislation that they as 'harmful' to their profit margins. The result is the Earth becoming so polluted and smog ridden that there ends up being little difference between night and day, thus allowing things that previously lurked in the shadows to come out to play.

I've stated previously that Utherwald isn't going to have much of a presence at conventions this year due to the pending arrival of my first-born child in about a month or so. Depending how things go, my posting schedule may be affected but I'll keep you guys informed.

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