Wednesday 27 January 2016

Setting Idea: Forsaken

Third instalment of the 'Settings That I'd Love To Do...Some Day' series.

This one is bit of a break from the mostly Dieselpunk-ish theme that Utherwald has gone with thus far, namely delving more into Fantasy. At the same time I intend it to have elements of horror and be set set in a semi-ruined city, though at the same time it has to stand out somehow. Perhaps a sort of Clockpunk setting?

Regardless, heres my initial thoughts on it in the same format as the others.

Setting Name: Forsaken

Elevator Pitch: Musket toting fantasy adventures in a ruined, ghost ridden city.

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Ghosts, Clockpunk.

Inspiration: Ravenloft, Mordheim, Warhammer Fantasy, Sharpe, Brothers Grimm, Brotherhood of the Wolf and Ruins of Arnor from Lord of the Rings.

Overview: Forsaken, like the other setting ideas, is still very fluid with very little set in stone besides the core ideas. Its fantasy, its horror and its set in a cursed city. Admittedly that idea has been used a few times now and has almost become a trope, hopefully I've come up with an interesting twist on things to make it stand out.

The basic idea and sort of backstory is that the city suffered an invasion and occupation by some dark force, but was later liberated. Though the dark force trapped the city's palace/fortress so that when the liberators entered it the structure (along with said liberators) were destroyed in a large explosion. In addition the dark forces left a few other nasty surprises such as mundane ones like traps and...other things.

In short, it is a place where its a very good idea to bolt the doors and windows at night.

I have considered rolling Deepwatch into this setting, possibly going with the name 'Darkwatch' and having it as part-city/part-subterranean. The players having to comb through the forsakened ruins of the cities as well as the tunnels beneath to combat all the horrors that were left behind by the dark forces. The Lurkers could be some of resistance left by the dark forces, basically to harass the city's liberators.

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