Wednesday 28 June 2017

Armed Rovers Redux

A couple of years back I posted a little about the Alyeskan Outriders, though I didn't post much in the way of details back then. Recent work on a remotely related project and related research means that I am able to present the Outriders in a more organised format. Consider this an update of the original post on the Outriders.

Structure of the Alyeskan Outriders

Commanding Officer: Lt.Colonel Patrick Wade
Strength: Total: 309 (18 officers, 291 other ranks)

HQ Squadron - Calharrow
-Field Workshop
-Heavy Section (supply)
-Medical Section
-Survey Section
-Signals Section

A Squadron
-No.1 Patrol
-No.2 Patrol
-No.3 Patrol

B Squadron
-No.4 Patrol
-No.5 Patrol
-No.6 Patrol

C Squadron
-No.7 Patrol
-No.8 Patrol
-No.9 Patrol 

Patrol Makeup

Strength; 1 officer, 14 enlisted men
Vehicles; 5x Trucks

Truck No.1 - C/O

Truck No.2 - Signals & navigation

Truck No.3 - Patrol Sergeant

Truck No.4 - Medical Orderly

Truck No.5 -Mechanic

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