Monday 8 July 2013

Fultorium 8/7/2013

Fultorium, more commonly called 'Thunder Rock, is a strange mineral that has come to people's attention only in the aftermath of the Great Darmonican War.

It is widely known that the War's end coincided with a mysterious explosion, but Fultorium's role regarding the explosion is still largely unknown. Popular theory is that fultorium was previously an inert and largely useless mineral that was effected and changed by the explosion, the various veins of the mineral have been altered in an ever increasing radius from the ground zero of the blast. Basically the effect has spread in the years after the War as the mineral changes into something new.

A noticable effect of the mineral being changed is small electrical/static discharges on the surface coinciding with a small, localized earthquake due to the mineral building up energy and discharging it in a violent burst. These discharges have become common, though after initial alarm they have become an accepted occurrence and most don't paid much heed as the prevailing view is that these discharges will eventually cease.

Research into the 'new' mineral started a few years after the War and many believe fultorium may ultimately provide a new source of energy once it has been harnessed, though a few brave and mad souls have attempted to create devices based round fultorium with varying degrees of success.

Only the future knows what effect fultorium will have on Darmonica.

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