Friday 12 July 2013

Kickstarter Countdown 12/7/2013

Well around three days left until the Frozen Skies Kickstarter starts on Monday.

Figured it's a good a time as any to give a brief summary and overview;

*The target goal is £3,000 ($4,536.90 USD as of 1pm BST 12th July 2013) to cover the cost of the artwork, editing, layout, etc with distribution via PDFs and Print-On-Demand.

*Pledging £7 ($10.59 USD) will get you the PDF, £10 ($15.12 USD) the hard copy and £15 ($22.68 USD) for the PDF+hard copy bundle.

*Higher level rewards include creating characters, towns, monsters for Frozen Skies.

*There is a £60 ($90.74 USD) reward to get 5 PDF+hard copy bundles for your group, with £10 ($15.12 USD) for each additional bundle beyond that.

*High end rewards is having a game of Frozen Skies run for your group, though priced higher for the US/Canada to factor in travel costs.

*Stretch goals are a bit modest, the focus is on getting Frozen Skies out but at the same time would like for there to be a extra special reward for all the backers if the target goal is beaten.

Thanks for reading, help spread the word, enjoy your weekend and get ready for the Kickstarter to go live at midday (British Summer Time) on Monday.

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