Friday 26 July 2013

Kickstarter Update #9 Much Ado About Skyjacking

Coming up to the midway point of the campaign, the number of backers has steadily increased along with views and exposure. The project has been mentioned on a few gaming podcasts like RPG Circus as well as a few blogs.

Still a ways off from the target, but we've got two weeks left which is plenty of time to make it. So continue to plug and share this project and we'll get there, but everyone who ahs abcked thus far or just shared the project has my undying thanks.

So time for another preview from the book; Skyjacking.

What is Skyjacking I hear you cry.

It is basically the name given to a form of hijacking of aircraft done whilst it is airborne, it is highly dangerous and typically only air pirates try it. Though on occasions military units have been known to attempt it.

Skyjacking involves a person jumping out of an aircraft above the intended target armed with a grappling gun, also a parachute if one is lucky enough to have one. The idea is whilst the person is in free-fall they are to fire the grappling gun at their intended target, hope it hooks on and then inch their way along the rope to board and take control of the aircraft. Though it remains highly risky as the grapple could miss or the aircraft's crew could cut the rope, there is also the risk of hitting an aircraft's propellers.

It is especially dangerous for air pirates as they rarely have access to a parachute.

To attempt a Skyjack a character must first jump out of an aircraft that is flying above their intended target and must be armed with a Grappling Gun. Whilst in free-fall the character must then make a Shooting roll at -4 (Steady Hands reduces this to -2), a success means they've hooked onto their target. Failure means they've missed, critical failure means the character flies into the props of an oncoming aircraft and take 5d6 points of damage.

Probably they've successfully hooked onto their intended target, the character must then make a Climbing roll at -2 and follows the normal rules for Climbing. The aircraft crew (if aware of the character) may try shooting at the character but suffer -2 for doing so, or they could simply cut the rope if they can reach it.

If the character misses their target or the rope they're climbing up is cut they then fall down to earth unless they have a parachute that works. If they don't have a parachute then follow the rules for Falling.

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