Wednesday 23 July 2014

New Gwentia

New Gwentia

New Gwentia is the main area of settlement and the heart of the Commonwealth on the Continent of Alyeska, it is where one can expect to find reasonably reliable telephones, electricity and radios in addition to a few luxury goods.

The southern part of New Gwentia feels like a well developed country, but the rest of the region gradually has more of a frontier feel depending on the direction you're heading in. There is a fairly extensive road and rail network linking the towns and a few of the larger villages, there are also fully furnished airfields with paved runways as opposed to a dirt airstrip and a few huts.


Morrdun is the largest settlement in Alyeska, its capital and only actual city. It is densely populated and feels very strongly like an industrial city with high rise tenant blocks and giant factories, it boosts at least two airfields and an urban railway network. Though despite seemingly being made up of slums and tall brick buildings, Morrdun does have a more grander side in the form of the Crown District home to mansions and of course Alyeska's Governor-General.

The city has a growing district simply known as the Military Ward, effectively a giant army camp and mini-city in it's own right. The Military Ward features warehouses, barracks, messes and a giant central parade ground. It sees hundreds of soldiers move through it every month as part of the ongoing conflict in the Wulflands.

The Wulfwall

Marking the western boundary of New Gwentia and separating it from the Wulflands is the fortified line known as the Wulfwall. It is a wide, twenty foot high wall with towers at regular intervals along its length. There is a single gate about halfway along the wall and it is heavily defended with machine posts. On the New Gwentia side there is barracks and artillery positions, supported by a narrow gauge railway line that runs the length and moves various supplies and munitions.

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