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The Commonwealth

Flag of the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is the Darmonican nation that the Continent of Alyeska finds itself claimed by and forms part of. Though to most Alyeskans it is a distant thing that has very little effect on their day-to-day lives.

It is known that the Commonwealth is headed by a monarch, namely Queen Lothwyn Boudica Cathmore II, and its capital is called Lindun.

The Commonwealth in Alyeska

The Commonwealth's presence in Alyeska is split into three different groups.

The Commonwealth Military

Due to the Wulvers posing a huge threat in the western reaches of the continent, the Commonwealth has a very large military presence in Alyeska mainly located in and around the Wulflands. The Wulfbane Commandos and the Alyeskan Outriders are the most well known parts of the Commonwealth's military, though there are thousands of ordinary soldiers and also the Aerial Corps that forms the basis of air travel in the frozen north.

The Governor-General

The Governor-General, presently Sir Douglas Fredrick-Davenport, is the viceroy and thus Her Majesty's representative in Alyeska being empowered to act on behalf of the Monarch. Though the Governor-General actually wields very little power, he generally has a ceremonial role but does perform some constitutional duties such as appointing a new Alyeskan Premier. He is also allowed to use the title Commander-in-Chief of the Alyeskan Militia (Alyeska's own military force) in the name of the sovereign.

Fredrick-Davenport technically has three deputies in the form of the Lieutenant-Governors of each of the provinces that makes up the Continent who act as viceroys at the provincial level. Though the reality is there is only one in the form of Sir Broone Langworth who is the Lieutenant-Governor of Eastern Alyeska. Of the other two provinces Fredrick-Davenport chose to temporarily fill the role for New Gwentia after the previous post holder vanished, whilst Western Alyeska is under military control and so the position is instead a military governor and is currently filled by General William Bartlett.

The Royal Alyeskan Air Police

Coming into being after the arrival of the aircraft, the constables of the Royal Alyeskan Air Police have built a reputation for themselves in the short time they have existed. The Air Police has a presence in most settlements across the continent with Broken Spires and the Wulflands being the obvious exceptions. In minor settlements, this is typically in the form of a small garrison of a ten man section commanded by a Corporal. Larger towns tend to boast a platoon of three sections, with densely populated areas, such as Gravenburgh, having a battalion sized force patrolling its streets. It maintains a sizeable Air Wing manned by full-time pilots flying a number of fighters and transport planes, with scout planes are used to patrol the more remote areas of Alyeska.

The Air Police are very highly regarded, even by those on the wrong side of the law. Very few people have managed to outrun the Air Police for long, and those who have, usually either end up eventually turning themselves in or has their frozen corpse discovered during the spring thaw. To date, Ryland Flinch remains the only man to avoid arrest successfully, having been on the run now for over two years. Originally wanted by the Air Police for questioning over illegal hunting, Flinch opened fire upon the constables that came to question him and embarked upon a one man war against the law which has become a legend in its own right, its fame spreading throughout the Commonwealth. Flinch's story has most certainly been blown out of proportion and romanticized by overzealous reporters and writers, but spending two years on the run and surviving alone in the Alyeskan wilderness is still an impressive feat by itself.

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