Saturday 5 July 2014

Alyeska, A Regional Guide

Alyeska is the northern most continent of the world of Darmonica, due to its location it is often referred to as either the 'rooftop of the world' or 'Darmonica's Cap'. It is a land known for adventure, danger, mystery, vast untamed wilderness and prolonged winters.


There are four distinct regions that make up the continent, though there is still plenty of areas that remain largely unexplored.

Alyeskan Highlands

The northern and central most part of the continent, dominated by towering mountain peaks and largely unknown thanks to the presence of the semi-permanent storm known as the Maw. To date expeditions have only skirted the edge of this region and on it's eastern edge sits the eerily flat Chillwynd Marches that seemed to have been carved out of the mountains. 

It is rumoured that the outlaw haven of Broken Spires is located somewhere amongst the towering mountain peaks and twisting canyons.

Eastern Alyeska

Located on the continent's eastern edge is the Territory of Eastern Alyeska, though most local folk just call it Alyeska which tends to confuse outsiders. The Territory's capital and main settlement of Gravenburgh is wedged in between the eastern arm of the Dragonspine Mountains and the Jagged Coast, though it sits at the head of a large bay formed by the Dragonspine arcing from the south-west through to the chain of islands and rocks in the east called the Needles.

Most of the other settlements here are clustered round Wicked Antler Lake located tens of miles north-east of Gravenburgh and is ice free for much of the year. Aside from mining or logging camps the only real other settlement of note is Prospector's Reach which sits on the northern coast next to the eastern boundary of the Chillwynd Marches.

New Gwentia

Covering much of the southern part of the continent is the Territory of New Garrack, the main area of settlement and the center of the Commonwealth in the northern reaches of Darmonica. It is here where the First Settlement of Morrdun and New Gwentia's capital for all intents and purposes, the bulk of the Commonwealth's administrative functions in Alyeska are based here as well being the headquarters of the Commonwealth's military Alyeska Command.

The western part of the Territory has a very strong military presence due to the neighbouring Wulflands.

The Wulflands

Originally called 'Western Alyeska' during Alyeska's early Colonial Era, it quickly became dubbed 'The Wulflands' due to savage, wolf-like creatures called Wulvers. A few settlements were established here but they were overrun in only a handful of years, leaving only stubborn homesteaders, the military and of course the Wulvers.

The Wulflands are notable for being the main area of operations for two of the Commonwealth military's most elite units; the Wulfbane Commandos and the Alyeskan Outriders.

The Wulfbane Commandos is the Commonwealth's answer to large, roving packs of Wulvers that pose a serious threat. The Wulfbanes' job is very simple; Search and Destroy. They are usually very good at it.

In contrast the Outriders' role is more covert, they're only meant to observe and report on the Wulvers' movements by a mixture of patrols and static watches. On occasion they do conduct Hit-and-Run attacks on small to moderately sized packs, either to scatter them or keep them busy until the Wulfbanes arrive.

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