Monday 16 September 2019

Frozen Skies: A Proposal

In what seems to now be part of an ongoing series, I now present the latest instalment in the Phantom Skyskip Saga. This week's entry is a communique from the commander of the Aero-Fleet's Alyeska Command to the High Lord of Alyeska, whom we covered last week. Here the Royal Aero-Fleet approaches the viceroy of Alyeska with a proposal regarding the mysterious airship.

Troop Carrier - Ian McQue
Your Grace,

I have the honour to refer to the so-called 'Phantom Skyship' that has been frequently sighted on the western fringes.

You have been forwarded the relevant reports concerning the matter, along with the conclusions of my staff. We strongly suspect that the aero-vessel belongs to a foreign power that is largely unknown to us, though further investigation is required to confirm this theory.

To this end I humbly submit a proposal to mount an expedition beyond the Mallett's Rift in order to determine the true origins of the craft in question. Such an expedition would require a sizeable amount of personnel and resources and potentially weaken our standing forces in Alyeska, but it is felt that the benefits would more than outweigh this cost.

An outpost would be required to be established in the Mallett's Rift region, a necessity to allow an expedition force to maintain contact with the civilised world. Even if the expedition proves to be fruitless, the outpost would allow us room for expansion and perhaps eve contain the Wulvers.

The area beyond the Mallett's Rift is largely uncharted, thus giving rise to the possibility of untapped resources that could be claimed by the Commonwealth. In conjunction with the aforementioned outpost, it could increase Alyeska's importance and make it extremely valuable in the Commonwealth's eyes.

Potential benefits aside, I must underline the danger that the unknown skyship poses to our position in Alyeska. If a foreign power is found to have established itself in the western reaches, our defences are extremely venerable if that power proves to be hostile. If anything, its important that we stake the flag in the west to show that the land belongs to us.

I have the honour to be,
Your Grace,
Your obedient servant,
Air Vice-Admiral,
Air Officer Commanding Alyeska Command,

T.D.H. Cunningham

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