Wednesday 26 June 2013

'Mule' Tracked Cargo Hauler 26/6/2013

Part-truck and part-tank, the Mule is a heavy and lumbering vehicle built to haul cargo over rough terrain.

It is not uncommon to see a convoy of a dozen or more Mules trudging their way across the great sand seas of the southern wastes or the icefields of Alyeska. As a rugged and relatively simple vehicle it is well liked, certainly the lumber and mining companies of Alyeska have a few of them on hand and any serious prospector has at least one. Whilst nor particularly fast, the Mule's wide width and tracks mean it can handle a wide variety of terrain whilst carrying different loads.

Acc/Top Speed: 5/8; Toughness: 19/17/17 (5/3/3); Crew: 1+15; Cargo: 10 tons
Notes: Heavy Armour, Tracked

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