Monday 27 May 2019

Weird Science Update!

A recent conversion has prompted a look and some ideas how Weird Science works in Frozen Skies under the SWADE rules. How Power Points and Devices work now warranted a rethink for Frozen Skies. Hoping to preserve the differences between Glim-Tech and Ancient Terran devices, if anything to reflect their own style and theme.

She Blinded Me With (Weird) Science!

Weird Science in Frozen Skies works the same way as it does in SWADE, the normal rules work for Glim-Tech devices. Ancient Terran Artefacts are handled a little differently.

*Ancient Artefacts impose a -2 penalty to use due to how unfamiliar they are for people to use.

*The Unstable rule remains.

*Ancient Artefacts are treated as Arcane Devices under SWADE, though they come with their own pool of 5 Power Points (which can be added to).

*Ancient Artefacts cannot be created without the Ancient Terran Artificer Edge, though they can be found in the world and used.

Overdrive! Overcharge! Supercharge!

The changes also mean that some changes are needed for the Weird Science Edges in Frozen Skies.

Overcharge - Reduces the cost of Power Modifiers by 1.

Supercharge - Requires Overcharge, reduces the Power Modifier cost by an additional 1.

Glim-Tech Mastery - Grants +2 bonus to using Glim-Tech and Ancient devices.

Ancient Terran Novice (formerly Ancient Terran Mastery) - Reduces the penalty to use Ancient devices by 1, now a Novice ranked Edge.

Ancient Terran Associate (formerly AT Expert) - Removes the -2 penalty for using Ancient Artefacts, now a Seasoned Edge.

Ancient Terran Technician - Requires AT Associate, grants a re-roll to use Ancient Devices.

Ancient Terran Master - Veteran ranked Edge and requires AT Technician, removes the Unstable rule.

Ancient Terran Artificer - Now Heroic ranked Edge, grants the ability to craft new Ancient devices and increases the device's own pool of PPs to 1.

Monday 20 May 2019

Update May 2019

So...its been a wee while since an update on things was posted.

The big thing most people are going to be interested in is what is currently happening with Frozen Skies, chiefly the update to SWADE. Also covered will be plans for the future, new products and potential events. There will also be a small announcement, so hang around for that.

Frozen Skies

Have already confirmed that Frozen Skies will be receiving an update to SWADE and it has been something that's been worked on. Can't currently give an ETA, but provisionally it'll be some point over the summer. Presently the Bestiary is the current section being worked, pretty much the various NPCs that need restating ( has been a huge help here). Then it'll be the Adventures section, updating what is currently there and attempting to include an extra adventure or two.

You can check out the current version of the update *HERE*.

After the SWADE update is done I intend to start work on the next Frozen Skies book; Skies of Crimson.

This book will have a strong focus on sky pirates and a detailed look at the pirate haven of Broken Spires in addition to all the usual goodies. Certainly a few pirate gangs will feature along with stuff relating to aero-vessels.

Other Products

Other items in the pipeline include mini-settings of the various Setting Ideas that I've posted about previously and more content for Cold War Skirmishes (beyond Operation Thule). First proper entry for CWS is likely to be the ANZACs in Vietnam, allowing content to be used with Tour of Darkness.


Recently did Diceni in Norwich, though personally I am not likely to be attending any more events this year. You may be able to find copies of Frozen Skies at other shows, possibly ones that have a presence from Indie Press Revolution.

Have a wishlist of shows that I'd like to do next year, but its too early to say anything at this stage.


Frozen Skies has been submitted for this year's ENnie Awards, not sure how well it'll do be we'll see when nominations are announced in July.

Monday 13 May 2019

Frozen Skies: Post-Campaign Thoughts

Certainly a few things that I could've done differently or better with my Frozen Skies campaign, things I'm sure that my players can pitch in on. So this week I'm taking the chance to address the things that come to mind for me and what, if possible, could've been changed. Will also post about ideas I have forming for my next Frozen Skies campaign, no matter the format that takes.


First thing that comes to mind is the plot.

I had a couple of adventures pre-written before I started the campaign, though soon found that I needed greater motivation for the players (i.e. helping out Taran's Bluffs). Admittedly after that I played things a little loose, offering the players jobs to but letting them drive things forward. It did mean that the build-up to the planned Broken Spires plotline was slow and eventually sidelined, though the plot created and driven forward by the players themselves ended up being fun and interesting.

The issue here, to me, seems split between pacing and striking the balance between GM Railroading vs Player Freedom. I will also have to raise my hand and admit my guilt of a degree of GM laziness as well. It probably would've helped if the characters' backstories were more interlinked and the characters more established as a crew prior to the campaign, plus it much more clearer as to who the captain was (and being stronger in that role).

The Future

The ideas I have for my next Frozen Skies based campaign is based on a PBP RP I took part in where the characters were part of a squadron of commando pilots going on special ops and covert missions. Sort of similar to the video games Secret Weapons Over Normandy and Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII. It will be a military based campaign, so by its nature it will be more rigid with a chain of command so that its easier for somebody else to take over if the commander gets taken out.

My choices for running it could have it set during the Great Darmonican War or the present era, the latter would see more of a focus on fighting sky pirates and Cold War style black ops.

Probably more likely to run it with a different group in a Play-By-Post format, but we'll see.

Monday 6 May 2019

Frozen Skies: The Broken Spires Conspiracy

There are a handful of plotlines I had planned for my Frozen Skies campaign, but never got the chance to do much with these. Big focus of some of these revolved around the sky pirate haven of Broken Spires; which got teased but no follow through. So this week we'll take a look at these and what could possibly had happened had the campaign continued.

The Conspiracy

The crew first learned about a possible Commonwealth campaign against Broken Spires on their first visit to Spitsworth Manor, though this was in the form of letters about seeking justification for a military operation. There was no confirmation that an attack would go ahead, but the crew took it as read that something would happen. They tipped off Natasha Rogan, leader of the Banshees gang, and the crew looked like they would take steps to prevent the attack...least until Tag's death.

Now heres the kicker.

The crew were going to be used to provide justification for the attack on Broken Spires, particularly after they'd dabbled in sky piracy and everything had been setup for the Conspiracy plotline to advance. Andrei, the Tylander broker of secrets they'd been working with, would have given them another airship heist job to pull off. Though this time it would've been stressed that there was a time limit for the job, so one that had to be done there and then rather than postponed. The job involved an airship named the Ogman's Hand flying out from Broken Spires, though they would discover Andrei's information was faulty as the airship had a far bigger escort than the crew was told.

When the crew started their attack, particularly when they tried shooting out the airship's engines, the Ogman's Hand would explode. Couple of the crew would realize that this was impossible, plus would of the airship's escorts would then try to escape (probably done as a Chase). Later, when the crew reached one of Alyeska's main settlements, they would learn that the Ogman's Hand was carrying none other than the prince consort.

Effectively they would now be wanted for treason by the Commonwealth.

Their options would be trying to expose the conspiracy, though that would require them gathering extra evidence to prove their case and thus a trip to the Home Isles. Other options would've been to defend Broken Spires against the attack or striking a course somewhere beyond the Commonwealth's reach.

The Power Play

Another Broken Spires related plot was a power play amongst the 'big shot' sky pirate captains to seize control of the pirate haven. This was something introduced by Natasha Rogan, though something the crew sat on for a while and Natasha was going to force the crew's hand with regards to it by making the crew enemies of one of the other sky pirate captains.

This one was more open ended, they could've picked a side or joined in for themselves.