Tuesday 4 March 2014

To Crowdfund Or Not To Crowdfund...

Probably the only real major hurdle I'm facing with Frozen Skies is getting together the funds to complete it, whilst things have been steadily been improving it still remains difficult to get Frozen Skies funded and thus released.

Current goal is to see about getting an enterprise loan to get things rolling, though that requires stuff like drawing up business plans and sales forecast. Making some headway here but I'm concern that the awarding body may reject it due to them not being familiar with RPGs.

Crowdfunding is a possible option and the first Kickstarter I tried didn't do THAT badly, though there are many things that I could've done differently. But the issue I see with Kickstarter is that since I'm effectively an unknown entity I'm going to struggle against somebody who is more well known (as has been more with the more successful Kickstarter projects). Course things might do a bit better since I've been working on getting a presence out there and have Alyeskan Tales out as an example, but there is still a bit of uncertainty....though this year I am attending a couple of shows simply to get the exposure.

So what are people's thoughts on this? Do you have any suggestions or ideas that might help?

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