Tuesday 30 December 2014


The healthy glow of Christmas/Yuletide/Winterfest has given away to the limbo that exists before the turning of the year, though still time for a final Utherwald post of 2014.

Now I've already mentioned a couple of conflicts in the setting, the historical Great Darmonican War (a sort-of analog of our own First World War) and the 'current' Wulver War (probably better described as 'militarized pest control'). But I've been wondering whether to have a BIG conflict raging?

Thinking of perhaps drawing out the Great Darmonican War, little bit like how WW1 lasts for 50 years in the video game Iron Storm. This could make the War the central part of the setting, also provide opportunities for possible plot ideas. Though it does provide ideas for another nation or two.

The Coalition:- Formerly the United Provinces of Garrack, an alliance of companies and corporations effectively took over when the former neutral leaning government tried to restrict the sale of war materials. Now it is a country devoted to war profiteering, great factory towns work ceaselessly night and day to fuel the war efforts of the actual combatants whilst remaining far removed from the fighting.

Tyland Free State:- Originally the Kingdom of Tyland until its defeat in the Tyland-Artian War that predates the Great Darmonican War, the Free State rose from the ashes of the late Kingdom's collapse (and brief Artian occupation). Presently fighting for its very existence (and revenge) against the Artian Confederation, though as an alliance of a sorts with the Commonwealth.

Sultanate of Taramate:- A supposedly neutral realm located in the south, though has had border skirmishes with Artian, Commonwealth and Union of Sodkan Republics forces. The Commonwealth colony of Orduesh is located on the Sultanate's southern edge in a rather precarious position.

Pamayan Protectorate:- Former Tylander colony made of a cluster of islands, since occupied by Artian forces since the end of the Tyland-Artian War. Currently embroiled in a low-level conflict of its own as Tylander rebels try to free themselves from Artian rule and as the Commonwealth attempts to gain an island or two for its own ends, sometimes leading to a three-way battle.

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Thats all for now, though if folks have nay thoughts on the above then please feel free to post a comment.

Other than that, Happy New Year all!

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