Wednesday 7 October 2015

October Update

First post of October is a news/update one.

Yarr! Pirates!

Sort of bad news in a way to begin with, least it gets it out of the way first.

Everyone's aware of internet piracy, primarily from the media amongst other things. Most people are probably aware of dozens of RPG PDFs that are floating around on the web, an issue for anyone selling digital products. I've regularly done Google searches to see if any of mine turned up on sites other than DriveThru.

Couple of days ago I found the Frozen Skies Setting Primer on a file sharing site.

I put in a copyright infringement claim on the website and contacted DriveThru about it, quoting the buyer's name and order number in the PDF's watermark. As you can imagine I was more than a little annoyed about it, especially since I'm making a pretty low return on my products as it it compared to the time and money that went into producing them. Even more so considering that the Setting Primer is technically FREE through DriveThru unless you want to support the publisher, which is the beauty of Pay What You Want.

Tis the first and only incident I've encountered, so I'm not going to be making any changes now or in the future. I'll continue to do some PWYW products and other products that'll have a reasonable price, unless I find piracy a major problem for me (end of the day my RPG may end up being my only source of income). I get that some people will have virtually no money to spend on things other than bills, food, etc which will be a factor in how I price products, though I am happy to offer discounts for people on a case by case basis.

Now, onto lighter things!


Those who follow the Facebook will/should already know that I've setup a Patreon with the view to help raise funds to get Frozen Skies completed. It'll be an ongoing thing and even if you just pledge a dollar a month it'll go a long way.

Moar Artwork!

And finally the latest bit of artwork for Frozen Skies, an expedition entering the Chillwynd Marches and the towering spire of the Monolith in the background.

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