Thursday 19 November 2015

Thats Entertainment

Apologies for being a day late again, been bit of a busy week.

This week's post it seemed natural to build upon the last couple of posts and cover recreation in Alyeska.

Cinemas and air racing have been mentioned, as well as various festivals. Though there are other ways that Alyeskans have of keeping themselves entertained such as sports and other activities.

Public Houses - Pubs (as they're more commonly known) are the predominant hostelry in the Commonwealth and they vary quite a lot. Generally the drinking age is 18. The Commonwealth does maintain a drinking hours policy which means that pubs have to close before midnight local time and there is no legal twenty four hour drinking in the Commonwealth except in a few private clubs and military messes. The ability of the mess to stay open for extended hours makes them an unusual recreational establishment and emphasises the perks of Militia membership. Broken Spires is the exception to the rule as the town doesn't recognize the Commonwealth's authority and opening hours are determined by the pub owners themselves.

Gambling - Gambling is legal in the Commonwealth but restricted, heavily regulated and taxed. Most gambling can only happen in licensed Betting Shops and a fairly rigorous watch is kept on these, so although they are profitable they are generally “clean”.


Auto Racing - Automobile racing is a newly introduced sport to Alyeska, though it hasn't gained widespread popularity as of yet. Presently only dirt tracks exist and motorcycle racing is more popular since its easier to get into.

Bandy - Bandy is a sport very similar to ice hockey but is played in halves if 45 minutes each, there are 11 players on each team and is played on a bigger pitch (typically the size of a football/soccer pitch). It is played on ice with the players using bowed sticks and a small ball.

Ice Skating - Ice skating is a popular local sport, typically in towns with access to nearby frozen rivers or lakes. Men (or sometimes women or children) compete for prizes of money, clothing or food. Prior to the Great Darmonican War there was grand or championship matches in which skaters from across Alyeska would compete for cash prizes in front of crowds of thousands.

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