Thursday 5 February 2015

Gear Up!

Each and every adventurer often need gear and equipment to help get them through, it is no different in the Frozen Skies setting. 

So finally a compiled list of Gear for Frozen Skies.

Common Gear


Dress, simple
Flight jacket


Doctor's Bag
Film roll, camera
Lamp, oil
Radio, vacuum tube
Tire, truck
Tools, repair kit

Hand Weapons

Billy Club/Baton
Brass Knuckles
Trench knife

Ranged Weapons


The humble bolt-action rifle is widespread across Alyeska, found in the hands of hunters, prospectors and soldiers alike. The most common type found is the Commonwealth's Lloyds-Edwards No.5 Rifle, typically as war surplus.
Price: $40+

Range: 24/48/96; Damage: 2d8; RoF: 1; Weight: 9; Shots: 10; Min Str: d6; Notes: AP1, Snapfire

Self-Loading Rifle

The Self-Loading Rifle, or SLR for short, is a newly introduced semi-automatic rifle used by the Commonwealth military. It is rare to see this weapon outside of the Wulflands, though a few examples have found their way onto the black market and fetch a small fortune.
Price: $250

Range: 30/60/120; Damage: 2d8+1; RoF: 1; Weight: 10; Shots: 20; Min Str: d6; Notes: AP2, Semi-Auto


The most common firearm across Alyeska due to its relatively small size compared to rifles. Typically the most common revolvers found is another Commonwealth design, the Edwards No.3 Revolver.
Price:  $25

Range: 12/24/48; Damage: 2d6; RoF: 1; Weight: 2; Shots: 6; Min Str: -; Notes: Revolver

Machine Pistol

A relatively new weapon to Alyeska, largely used by the Royal Alyeskan Air Police due to its higher rate of fire and larger magazine. Based off an Artian design captured during the War.

Price: $65

Range: 12/24/48; Damage: 2d6-1; RoF: 3; Weight: 8; Shots: 30; Min Str: -; Notes: AP1, Auto

Machine Gun

Another military weapon that does see its way onto the civilian market from time-to-time, though mostly of Great Darmonican War vintage Lloyds Machine Guns.

Price: $300

Range: 40/80/160; Damage: 2d8; RoF: 3; Weight: 28; Shots: 47; Min Str: d8; Notes: AP2, Auto, Snapfire

Submachine Gun

A design developed from the Machine Pistol, though largely restricted to military use at present.
Price: $200 

Range: 12/24/48; Damage: 2d6+1; RoF: 3; Weight: 11; Shots: 50; Min Str: -; Notes: AP1, Auto 



Cargo Plane

Dime a dozen, cargo planes are the backbone of air travel in Alyeska. Many isolated settlements rely on them for their very existence. Presented below are the stats for a typical cargo plane.
Price: $ 5000

Acc/Top Speed: 10/92; Engines: 2; Climb: 10; Toughness: 13 (1); Agility: -1; Range: 2,125 miles; Crew: 3 (Pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer), up to 24 passengers; Cargo: 3 tons.
Notes: -


A gyro-carrier is a larger version of a gyrocopter built to carry passengers or cargo, whilst not able to carry as much as a true cargo plane it does have the advantage of being able to land almost anywhere.
Price: $3500

Acc/Top Speed: 15/40; Climb: -1; Toughness: 11 (2); Agility: 0; Range: 334 miles; Crew: 2 pilots, 8 passengers; Cargo: 1 ton.

Road Vehicles

‘Mule’ Tracked Cargo Hauler

Part-truck and part-tank, the Mule is a heavy and lumbering vehicle built to haul cargo over rough terrain.

It is not uncommon to see a convoy of a dozen or more Mules trudging their way across the great sand seas of the southern wastes or the ice fields of Alyeska. As a rugged and relatively simple vehicle it is well liked, certainly the lumber and mining companies of Alyeska have a few of them on hand and any serious prospector has at least one. Whilst nor particularly fast, the Mule's wide width and tracks mean it can handle a wide variety of terrain whilst carrying different loads.
Price: $2500

Acc/Top Speed: 5/8; Toughness: 19/17/17 (5/3/3); Crew: 1+15; Cargo: 10 tons
Notes: Heavy Armour, Tracked.


Acc/Top Speed: 12/30; Toughness: 7 (1); Crew: 1+(1)


Alyeska is a land of few luxuries and forces people to take gear that’s more for being practical than anything else. This even extends to the motor vehicles present in these northern climes, for those who can’t afford a Mule Tracked Cargo Carrier then the humble truck is more than enough.
Price: $ 250

Acc/Top Speed: 6/26; Toughness: 8 (3); Crew: 1+1

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