Wednesday 11 February 2015

Speaking The Lingo

There are a great many languages and Darmonica is no different, below is a list of the various countries/realms and associated real world languages that GMs and players alike may find useful.

It is up to you how you use this, perhaps as player handouts if it helps add depth to your game.

Commonwealth:- With a great deal of British influence it isn't really that surprising that English works well for the Commonwealth,though Australian or Canadian English would probably work better.

Artian Confederation:- At first glance German would work for the Artians, but a mix of Eastern European languages would work equally well.

Tyland:- Was originally thinking French as a basis for the Tylander language, but Irish would be more interesting to use.

Iron Collective:- Despite some Russian/Soviet Union influence behind the Collective, was looking at using Romani as a basis for the Collective's language.

Coalition:- Doesn't really matter what language is used for the Coalition long as it includes a ton of bureaucratic and corporate terms.

Union of Sodkan Republics:- Like the Collective, Romani would be the main basis but a degree of Eastern European languages would also work.

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