Wednesday 27 May 2015

UK Games Expo 2015

Tomorrow we hit the road Birmingham bound for this year's UK Games Expo.

Its a bigger event for us this time around, not only is there THREE days of trading there is also a Frozen Skies game being run. During trading hours I should easily be spotted since I'll be in costume (pilot style leather jacket and side cap), after hours I'll be wearing an Utherwald Press t-shirt. Feel free to stop me for a chat.

Just to confirm;

Trade Stand:- P22 in the Palace Suite on all three days of trading.

Frozen Skies Game:- Saturday 8pm-Midnight, Lancaster Suite (FULLY BOOKED!!!)

Hope to see some of you there!

And as an extra treat, stumbled upon this;

Article about an area in France still haunted by the scars of the World Wars, should prove useful as research material for the aftermath of the Great Darmonican War.

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