Wednesday 16 March 2016

Revised Aircraft Thoughts

Recently gotten hold of the Pulp Gear Toolkit and it has prompted some thought on the air combat rules I've been developing for Frozen Skies.

So this week its a basic run-through of the Frozen Skies air combat rules with updates where needed.


The basic idea for a Parry like stat called 'Evasion' remains, though it is now calculated a little bit differently now;

Half Piloting skill + 2 + Aircraft's Handling (Maneuverability if using Weird Wars aircraft) = Evasion

Still works the same way as Vehicular Combat does in the SWD rulebook, just with the addition of Evasion in place of the normal TN for Shooting. Basically the TN factors in the pilot's skill and the agility of the aircraft that they're flying. This is still intended as an alternative to the current Dogfight rules, really something thats a bit more simpler in the spirit of Fast, Furious, Fun!

Also the change also mean that aircraft from Weird Wars can be used in Frozen Skies with virtually no changes or adaptations needed.


I really really like the aircraft creation rules in the Pulp Gear Toolkit, primarily because of the wider range of aircraft that it covers. If I can get permission to adapt and update those rules I'm hoping to be able to work in some of the Crimson Skies Savage Worlds rules, though I do recommend getting hold of the Toolkit.

So with a different approach in mind I've decided to ditch Agility as a stat and just use Evasion as detailed above, basically trimming some of the fat as it were since Agility is now redundant. The Climb stat will still be listed, though as presented in the SWD rulebook if anyone wishes to use the Chase Rules for Frozen Skies. With the above changes it means a wider selection of aircraft can be used from other SW settings if people so desire.

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