Wednesday 2 March 2016

Skyships: Bayleaf-class Freighter

And so we return to Frozen Skies, which I'll be the first to admit has fallen to the wayside a bit due to new job, Chirstmas, training courses and most recently a new baby. Over the next few months things should settle down a bit and I'll be able to devote more time to Frozen Skies beyond the weekly blog posts (though those posts have helped somewhat).

Skyships haven't been fleshed out that much and thus far we've only had one example, but little else. This week I seek to address that a little bit...

Bayleaf-class Freighter

Known as "flying bricks", the Bayleaf-class Freighters were designed and built with the sole purpose of transporting cargo in bulk. They are the great giants of the sky, typically only found in the service of either the Skywrights Guild or a trade consortium. Only a handful exist in Alyeska due to the facilities required to operate them, so they are more commonly used to ship freight across the Mhór Farraige rather than the Alyeskan interior. 

They are also slow moving targets and more than one sky pirate has tried his luck trying to capture a Bayleaf, so these Skyships usually are armed with eight heavy machines and carry a number of aero-marines in their crews.

Acc/TS: 2/5, Toughness: 15 (0), Crew: 70, Cargo: 20
Notes: Heavy Armour
Weapons: Eight .50 cal machine guns

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