Wednesday 14 August 2013

Kickstarter Update: And She's Done!

The project has reached its conclusion, though I've had a positive response I am a little disappointed that the project didn't reach its target.

In retrospect there are probably a ton of things I could've done differently to make it more successful, the major one I believe that I probably should've spent more time promoting the project before it started. Yes we got up to 31% funded with £943 from 60 backers, had I promoted it heavily for an extra couple of months then its possible that could've been reached within the first few days.

But as I said, there is probably a ton of other factors.

So the question now is what happens next?

I think the obvious answer is get some feedback and learn from my mistakes, this includes asking on forums and sending out a survey later today. The other answer is look at ways to try and get Frozen Skies funded somehow, I know there is interest as has been proven and I'm stubborn enough to keep trying to get the book out.

So my options are as follows;

*Crowdfund via Paypal; Great for people who didn't want to use Amazon and/or Kickstarter, but may end up being a slower method of raising the funds needed.

*Try again with Kickstarter; I can get feedback and make a much better project, though my only concerns are how long do I wait before running it and whether my first project will count against me.

*Seek Alternative Funding; Been keeping my options open and seeing what else is out there that can be useful, though I don't know if anything will come of it.

So that is how things stand, thanks to everyone who has backed the project and I welcome any and all feedback you may have.

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