Wednesday 16 December 2015

Death's Chase

Already discussed this a little bit on social media over the past week, basically been trying to figure out how to run the Death's Chase air race with the Savage Worlds rules. Believed I've figured something out that at least people can try.

Death's Chase uses the Chase rules in the Savage Worlds Deluxe edition, it has a total of three laps with each lap being a Standard Chase in their own right. The first lap is the 'sounding lap' and simply involves getting round the course, laps two and three are 'weapons free' as in combat is allowed.

The following additional rules are used, these rules are to be used instead of the normal Chase rules where conflict between the two arise.


Beginning the race by assigning a different token for each individual racer, then determine the Race Order in a similar fashion as to how initiative is determined with the highest scoring racer at the front (or first place) of the Race Order.


Follow the Chase rules as normal with regards to rolling the manoeuvring trait (Piloting in this case) and each racer getting a card. An "advantage" is typically over the racer in front and must be declared as either "position" or "combat" (if after the first lap).

*Position - Means the racer has overtaken the racer in front and so their token is moved along one place in the Race Order.

*Combat - Racer gains +2 on their attack rolls.

Attacks are only allowed during the second and third laps, in addition a racer is only allowed to attack the person in front of them in the Race Order. The manoeuvring Trait roll is simply to determine initiative order for each round.

There is no change in the Race Order in between laps, having separate Chases for each lap is simply to allow the GM a chance for any non-racing players to do 'behind the scenes' stuff and thus keep them involved. The winner is whoever is in the first place of the Race Order at the end of the third and final lap, anyone who crashes during any of the laps is considered to be out of the race and is removed from the Race Order.

Final Thoughts

Tried to keep things simple and I hope people trying these rules out, though it would be interesting to see people's thoughts on them. I've been suggested to read through Gladiators of the Dominion, something that I'll probably do at some point in the future to at least compare the above rules with the chariot racing rules in that book.

Feel free to post thoughts and comments.

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