Wednesday 2 December 2015

December 2015 Update

We're now hurtling towards Midwinter and the twilight of one year ready for the dawn of the next.

Interest in both the Frozen Skies Setting Primer and the Firewater & Ice adventure seems to be steady, I still get a handful of sales notifications each week with a slow trickle of income from the paid for purchases. The majority of my sales are still 'free' ones which I've come to expect from Pay What You Want (though the 'paid' ones still surprise me from time-to-time), plus thus far I've only encountered one person who's tried to pirate my stuff. Plus the general awareness of the Frozen Skies setting is steadily growing as proven by a recent discussion on Facebook (so guess I'm doing something right).

So a big thank you to everyone who's supported me thus far in this crazy venture, be it whether liked a blog post or even nabbed a copy of the Setting Primer. It means alot that at least I've created something that people have found interesting enough to warrant a closer look.

Granted my goal of getting a fully fledged book out remains unfulfilled, though I'm a few steps closer with extra artwork done and of course the Setting Primer out. I am expecting the arrival of my first-born child round Valentine's next year, though at first glance that may throw a spanner in the works but it could be a blessing in disguise since I'll be able to take a few weeks off from work but we'll have to see how it all goes. In addition I've gotten a new dayjob that has more hours and a slightly higher rate of pay, least its a better source of funds (whilst it lasts) to at least get more artwork paid for, etc.

A newborn child is going to have a major effect on what events I can attend next year. For starters UK Games Expo is out of the question, granted with the new dayjob the cost may not be such a big issue as it was but logistics remain a big problem. So that leaves events closer to home, chiefly ones that can be done in a single day. So Diceni in Norwich and ExiliCon in Cambridge are the events currently on the radar, though events in London are being considered but again we'll have to see.

Once again, thanks for all the support.

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