Thursday 10 December 2015

Plot, Adventure Plots & More Plot

Currently have a few ideas for adventures for Frozen Skies kicking around, plus a possible Plot Point Campaign. So decided to post up an overview of each one, see what interests people, etc.

*The Lost Sodkan Mine - This one I've already run a couple of times, but it still feels that it needs some more work on it. It basically involves the players getting roped in to investigate a recent series of attacks by 'mysterious ironclad raiders' and ends up with an old mine and a gunfight with agents of the Iron Collective. Considering having an alternative intro to the adventure, perhaps arriving in a town during or just after the raiders attack.

*Remnants - Working title as the moment, but it basically begins with the players getting another job from the crime lord Ferret and a sort-of follow on from Firewater & Ice. At first glance it may seem like a straightforward job; travel to some remote ghost town and meet up with one of Ferret's agents in order to pick up a package. In typically "things never go smooth" fashion the ghost town proves to be anything but and the guy they're suppose to be meeting is nowhere in sight, though he has left notes explaining that something isn't quite right in the town.

*The Spires - Again, another working title. This is the Plot Point Campaign I'm kicking about in my head at the moment. It concerns the pirate haven of Broken Spires, chiefly a power play between the various sky pirate captains and an attempt by the Commonwealth to crush this bastion of piracy for once and for all. It's already shaping up to be a possibly complex campaign as the players will probably end up interacting with multiple factions, wonder to play off against one another or somehow unite them.

And Lastly - An honourable mention of a one sheet I wrote, involves the players breaking into a rival crime boss' warehouse amidst the backdrop of a pit fight/boxing match. Things get...complicated.

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