Wednesday 24 February 2016

And We're Back!

As mentioned in the last post there was going to be a break and posting would resume on the 24th Feb, so here we are.

I did promise a recap of the setting ideas that I had posted about over the past couple of months, that I'll probably do but with some revision of one or two of the ideas. In addition I'll post a handful more ideas, these are really just basic ideas that aren't as fleshed out as the others.

Darkwatch - I've decided in the end to combine the two setting ideas Deepwatch and Forsaken, I felt that the two worked well together and would make for a more fleshed out and interesting setting. Deepwatch would've suffered a bit I feel by being too narrow a focus and in some respects a bit redundant by Forsaken, the foe in Forsaken would help add to reason why the adventurers would delve into the tunnels primarily to defeat them (and see what the dark force left behind). Also, still running with the Clockpunk angle as well.

Weird Wars: Home Front -  Basically Weird Wars on the British Home Front of WW2, thus more of a civilian angle to it. Though with the addition of the First World War to the Weird Wars line there'll be extra material to work with, but that depends how focused it is on the Western Front.

Scavengers - Space borne treasure seeking and haunted wrecks in a far-flung star frontier. Though may rename it to something like Forsaken Space.

The Honourable Mentions

Here are a couple of basic ideas I've got for settings, nothing really more than a core concept at this stage.

*WW2 waged in the skies and red sands of Mars.

*Semi-Stargate but the 'gate' (or rift) only goes to a single world, but nobody is sure where exactly the world is or even if its still the same dimension.

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