Wednesday 22 February 2017

Frozen Skies Ideas Feb 2017

As work progresses on trying to get Frozen Skies finished and released this year ideas crop up for new content and options. The fluff side of things is mostly nailed down save for a bit of polish here and there. On the other hand a bit of work is still required on the mechanics, primarily character creation options. So this week I'm presenting some Edges and Hindrances for feedback.


Bad Reputation (Minor/Major)

One way or another, either by not completing jobs or simply selling off the cargo, you've earnt yourself a poor reputation as being unreliable. When making a Streetwise roll to find a job you get a -1 penalty, as Major this increases to a -2 penalty.

Cannot be taken with Good Reputation.

Wulftouched (Major)

Whilst you were still in the womb you were infected when a Wulver bit your mother, though it didn't seem to have any effect growing up though you gained a reputation for being bit of a wild child. As an adult you find it difficult to control your anger, something that has caused no end of trouble.

At the GM's call during a situation involving extreme stress make a Spirit roll and make a note of the result. Should you fail three such rolls in a row your character loses control as the infection takes over and you transform into a Wulver. The process takes 1d6+1 rounds after which your character will attack friend and foe alike.


Good Reputation

Requirements: Seasoned
The opposite of Bad Reputation, you've got a rep for being reliable and honest when it comes to getting jobs done. You gain a +1 bonus when doing a Streetwise roll for jobs.

Cannot be taken with Bad Reputation.

Excellent Reputation

Requirements: Veteran, Good Reputation
As above but with a +2 bonus.

Scentless (Weird)

Requirements: Novice
For reasons unknown Wulvers have a hard time trying to track you. When trying to detect you, Wulvers must roll Notice at -4 in order to do so.

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