Wednesday 1 March 2017

March 2017 Update

First post in March and little bit of a short one.

Really a quick look at how things are shaping up regarding Frozen Skies and plans, such as conventions, for the rest of this year. In addition I'll be doing a follow-on to last week's post in relation to feedback received.

Frozen Skies

Estimate the writing is about 90% done, mainly involves finishing off some sections as well as some spit and polish. Give people the mostly complete bits to look at and have received a generally positive response as well as some excellent feedback. A HUGE thank you to all those who offered their services in this regard.

Got a couple of pieces of artwork currently in progress, once they're done it'll be a case of seeing whether they're enough. Having the Skyship picture redone as I'm not entirely happy with how the previous one turned out. Also I need to see about getting a map done to go in the final book.


Thus far this year only the UK Games Expo in Birmingham (UK) has been booked, though looking at doing NORCON in Norwich (UK) again. When I last went to UKGE in 2015 I ran a Frozen Skies game, though haven't made up my mind whether I wish to run anything this year. But I am hoping to have the book ready in time.

Ideas Feedback

Had some great suggestions on improving some of the Edges and Hindrances that I post last week, the updated ones can be found below.

Bad Reputation (Minor/Major)

One way or another, either by not completing jobs or simply selling off the cargo, you've earnt yourself a poor reputation as being unreliable. When making a Charisma based roll you get a -2 penalty, as Major this increases to a -4 penalty. In addition you get no upfront payment as a Minor Hindrance and 25% less reward money as a Major.

Cannot be taken with Good Reputation.

Good Reputation

Requirements: Seasoned
The opposite of Bad Reputation, you've got a rep for being reliable and honest when it comes to getting jobs done. You gain a +2 bonus when doing a Charisma based roll. In addition you get 25% extra reward money.

Cannot be taken with Bad Reputation.

Excellent Reputation

Requirements: Veteran, Good Reputation
As above but with a +4 bonus and 25% extra on the upfront payment for a job.

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