Wednesday 15 March 2017

Got Gear?

Work progresses on Frozen Skies and the various sections get completed in turn. Some are virtually complete save for editing and proofreading, others require a little bit of work to bring them up to scratch. The gear & goods segment falls in the latter section and is our topic for this week.


The main currency in Frozen Skies is the Commonwealth Pound (ease the pound symbol '£' will be used), at present the currency looks like what is listed below;

*Penny:- 1 copper
*Tenpence:- 10 copper
*Quarter-pound:- 25 copper
*Half-pound:- 50 copper
*Pound:- 1 silver
*Half-crown:- 5 silver
*Crown:- 1 gold

Basically works out as a penny being £0.01 and a Crown being £10, the rest should be easy enough to figure out. Its likely this may get revised, probably with the coinage above a Pound being retcon to being paper money. 

Got a little bit of work to do regarding prices for various items, part of this has involved researching 1930s exchange rates. Ended up coming up with the following exchange rates for people wishing to convert Savage Worlds or even Deadlands Noir dollars to Frozen Skies pounds.

SW; £1=$50
DLN; £1=$5

Gear & Goods

Currently I stated starting funds to be £250, though this may end up being changed to better reflect prices. Regardless heres updated list of goods with actual prices, though these may get revised.

Common Gear


Boots £1
Dress, simple £1
Flight jacket £3
Gloves £0.20
Hat £0.60
Overcoat £3
Pants £0.50
Shirt £0.50
Shoes £0.40


Battery £0.01
Binoculars £5
Camera £1-£17+
Crowbar £0.20
Doctor's Bag £4
Film roll, camera £0.04
Flashlight £0.20
Handcuffs £0.40
Lamp, oil (1 pint) £0.04
Lighter £0.20
Lockpicks £10
Radio, vacuum tube £6
Tire, truck £0.80
Tools, repair kit £2
Wristwatch £1-£5

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