Wednesday 8 March 2017


Some time ago I mentioned there was an off-shoot of the Genchi called the Skykin, who still still feel the lure of the skies as felt by their Windryder cousins. This week we'll take a closer look at them, see how they live and how they would interact with player characters. In addition, there are one or two suggestions for playing a Skykin character.

The Skykin 
Airship - aninael

As stated previously the Skykin are an off-shoot of the Genchi, though there are very few if any differences between them. Skykin share the same physical appearance as their Genchi brethren (and Windryder cousins), though the Skykin are probably the most overt about it. They retain the kindred traditions as well, though thats where most similarities end. The Skykin have developed into a nomadic culture that roams through the skies on airships, typically an aerial convoy of Skykin airships carries an entire kindred.

Regarded as the gypsies of the skies, the Skykin are forever moving and never staying in one place for any length of time. It is know that they get by either through bartering or plying their skills as stunt flyers, though some say that there is a marked increase in petty theft when Skykin are in town. Some Skykin have been known to get work as pilots, a surprising number have even joined the military to fly but admittedly only on short short enlistments. Though a handful of Skykin aces are know to have existed during the Great Darmonican War, however these flyers are usually part of a specially raised Skykin unit. Skykin flyers more commonly fly with independent outfits, some have been known to fly with air pirates.

Player characters are most likely to encounter Skykin in the form of one of their air convoys, typically a handful of zeppelin style airships protected by a motley collection of ramshackle fighters. Skykin aren't exactly in the best state of repair, some employ sail power or are towed by other airships when their engines finally give out. Alot of Skykin airships have been modified in some way with no uniform pattern, leading them to be referred to as 'junkers'. The Skykin do occasionally carry passengers, though it has to be worth their while. Skykin will never go out of their way to attack somebody, they prefer to flee than fight and so are unlikely to engage in combat with player characters. That said they still defend their homes if attacked, though a lone Skykin may be encountered with a group of air pirates.

Mechanics wise Skykin are the same as their Genchi brethren, save they take a d6 in Pilot rather than Repair. They share the Genchi and Windryder mistrust of others, plus they also mistrust authority but as said above some have joined the military.

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