Wednesday 19 April 2017

Alyeskan Tales: Things Never Go Smooth

The last real big piece of writing left to do for Frozen Skies is the adventures section, I'm mulling putting in Firewater & Ice in addition to Fool's Errand. But I still need some more adventures and an adventure generator. This week I'm looking to partially address the former.

Things Never Go Smooth

"It never goes smooth! How come it never goes smooth?" - Mal - Firefly
Ferret approaches the group with a simple job offer; he wants some goods collected from a small town in the Alyeskan Outlands. When they arrive in the town they're meant to meet up with a contact of Ferret who'll hand over the goods.

However, there are one or two compilcations.

You can choose any of the following options or draw a card from the Action Deck to determine the type of complication, then roll a die for the specific problem. Drawing an Ace means you roll on BOTH tables.

BLACK - Problem lies with Ferret's contact.
Roll 1d6
1. He's in prison.
2. He's dead.
3. He's the 'guest of honor' at a big town dinner (i.e. cannibals).
4. He's in trouble with a rival gang.
5. He's skipped town.
6. He's incapacitated.

RED - Problem with the goods.
Roll 1d6
1. They've been lost (i.e. plane crash).
2. The authorities have them.
3. A rival gang has them.
4. They're locked up where Ferret's man can't get to them (i.e. warehouse or the cellar of a tavern).
5. They're in a cave outside of town 'guarded' by some animals (i.e. bears, wolves, etc).
6. Ferret's man has sold them on/got the wrong items.

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