Wednesday 12 April 2017

April 2017 Update

We've over quarter of the way into a year that seems to be rapidly galloping by as various things start coming together and begin to bear fruit. Certainly feeling that I'm hell of alot closer to finally getting Frozen Skies released to the point where I'm partially-excited/partially-scared by the prospect. Also being a new month and all figured its high time for an update post.

State of the Press

Estimate the writing on Frozen Skies to at least be 90% done; still got the adventures section to complete, add in extra content in places, check through to make sure everything's correct and tweaks on things such as Bestiary stats or Gear prices. Currently exploring my options for proofreading/editing and if everything goes to plan I *should* hopefully have Frozen Skies sent off for layout at the beginning of May. After that it hoping the timings are good to make sure that I get copies ready to sell at the UK Games Expo at the beginning of June, may be a close run thing.

Other than that the main artwork is done, just having another artist do some character portraits to finish off. Though I am still looking for somebody to do a Wild Card Symbol.

In closing, a little treat in the form of some artwork.

Female Windryder/Genchi
Garian Hist WIP

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