Monday, 7 May 2018

The Gwentshire Chronicles: The Mist-Bound

We're returning to the County of Gwentshire and taking a look at a few ideas concerning the Mist-Bound. This group of entities serve as sentinels, standing guard against otherworldly beings trying to break through the weak point in reality located in Gwentshire.
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The Mist-Bound
The Mist-Bound are a group of five entities who guard the rift in the walls between worlds and stop otherworldly beings from slipping through. They are widely believed to have been druids who underwent a ritual to become the Mist-Bound, something that is said to have occurred before the Roman conquest of the British Isles.
Normally they are very covert, preferring to conduct their eternal duty away from Human eyes. On the few occasions that they have materialized before a person, there has never been more than five of them and they all appear as cloaked figures surrounded by mist. There doesn't seem to be a clear leader and generally they all seem to be male, though one is said to to be female from the tone and accent of their voice.
They seem to have some sort of relationship with the spectral black hound 'Grim Jack'. Its not clear whether the hound is a servant of the Mist-Bound or an ally, but no known hostility between the two has been recorded. Its only on very rare occasions that Grim Jack has been seen in the company of the Mist-Bound.
Over the centuries the Mist-Bound's power has been steadily eroded, first by the raise of Christianity and then later by the destruction of ancient sites beginning during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century. Decline in the Mist-Bound powers has meant a weakening of their vigilance on the Gwentshire rift and greater chances of things being able to slip through. A spite of 'weirdness' in the 1970s was said to have been caused by a housing development destroying a key site, something that forced the Mist-Bound to enlist the aid of mortals.
The Neopagan movement has seen a revival of the Mist-Bound's strength and power, thus allowing them to catch more of the smaller beings trying to slip through the crack between worlds. However, Human activity has been a threat to the Mist-Bound is likely to continue to be so.


  1. Those sound like fun NPC's to work with. They want to help you, or at least their goal of keeping the rifts sealed would likely benefit mankind. However, their actions would be inscrutable as no one knows how they intend to accomplish this. Moreso they'd likely be somewhat spiteful given the way mankind has forgotten them and moved on.

    I always really enjoy these sort of ambiguous figures. At least as a GM, I'm sure the players have different opinions of NPC's as likely to assist you as sacrifice you depending on their needs just now.

    1. Have an adventure in mind where the PCs have unknowingly been weakening the Mist-Bound's power by destroying certain sites and relics round the county. At a certain point the Mist-Bound will materialise in front of the PCs and start ranting at them. All the while, the actual villain of the adventure is getting closer and closer to letting something big and hasty through.

    2. That sounds perfect for this! I like it can easily put the PC's without allies. Depending how aggressively they opposed the Most-Bound when they seem like the enemy could really cause complications once they find the true villain.

      I do hope you're planning to release this stuff in some format. Eventually, I know you've got a few other projects in the queue already.