Monday 23 September 2019

Alyeskan Gazetteer: The Wulf Coast

Been a while since I've done a Gazetteer post, but wished to return to this series and further explore the untamed wilds of Alyeska. Hopefully this end will provide plenty of fodder for people's games and perhaps even spawn an interesting campaign or two. Either way, tis an excellent opportunity to expand the 'map' as it were.

The Wulf Coast

The area known as the Wulf Coast is part of the Alyeskan coastline that runs roughly southwards. It is where a mountain range known as the Shackles meets the sea with towering cliffs and is seperated by the southern end of the Dragonspine Mountains by a coastal plain called the Dunfalk Gap. On the landward side it is surrounded, and thus cut-off from the rest of Alyeska, by the Wulflands.

Even before the creation of the Wulflands, it was a sparsely populated area with only a handful of independent mining outfits and stubborn fisherfolk. The ragged terrain also provided a haven for sea borne pirates, knowing how difficult it would be for the the Commonwealth authorities to dislodge them. Following the Wulver Wars the are became completely cut-off and the pirates faded into obscurity with the rise of their aerial counterparts.

These days the only inhabitants are those who were too stubborn to leave, eking out a bleak existence amidst an unforgiving and ragged terrain. Small, abandoned towns and mining camps are infrequent sights along with roads that have decayed after a decade of neglect. The only true way to get around is on foot, air travel is another option but some areas remain inaccessible.

Use In Games

The Wulf Coast is off the beaten track for normal Frozen Skies games, but there are a few reasons for visiting it.

*It is a relative safe-haven and has drawn some Wulfland survivors in search of some place else to live and has less danger from the bestial Wulvers. They still need supplies and have scavenged items to trade.

*It is a smugglers' haven, ignored by the Commonwealth and gives access to a risky but rewarding route across the Wulflands and over the Dragonspine Mountains.

*Those seeking to escape the notice of the authorities, it is a great place to setup a base even if its taking over one of the abandoned settlements.

*There is rumours of an abandoned military base in the area, one that was setup during the Great Darmonican War. Though, who by? Did they leave anything? Why was it abandoned?

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