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Life In The Wulflands

A fair bit on the Wulflands and even more on the Wulvers has been covered as well as other parts of Alyeska. Even gone into some detail on general life in Alyeska such as entertainment, festivals and means of communications. Plus life in the Iron Collective has been discussed, but only a general overview has been posted regarding the Wulflands.

So what is life like for the average Wulflander?

Against The Angry Night

Life in the Wulflands, unsurprisingly, is one of constant siege.

Alyeska's western reaches are very much the Wulver's domain with scattered outposts of man stubbornly clinging on. The most successful settlements west of the Wulfwall are those like Calharrow that have some sort of natural defence like being sited upon a mesa or a river island. Others are where people have generally taken to living on the upper floors of buildings, the ground floor being abandoned for all intent and purposes simply for self-defence and a lack of resources. There are one or two towns that have managed to fortify themselves, though all of these settlements require an armoury of weapons to safeguard their continued existence.

Wulflanders need to be on their guard at all times in case of a Wulver attack and most carry firearms of some description to defend themselves with, particularly since there is no guarantee that the Commonwealth military can come to their aid. Most Wulflanders consider themselves to be independent as it is generally considered that the Commonwealth has effectively abandoned the region, though they might still give aid to the Wulfbane Commandos and the Outriders who's job it is to keep the Wulver threat in check. The Outriders especially are typically the closest thing to the Commonwealth that alot of Wulflanders have contact with and some even fill the ranks of that organisation.

There are usually three different categories that Wulflanders fall into;

*Settlers - Most of these are the inhabitants that were around prior to the Wulver War and refused to leave, the rest are those who have chosen to come out and live in Wulver territory perhaps with dreams of one day reclaiming the land.

*Hunters - From 1830 AF there have been a growing number of so-called 'Hunters' ever since the Commonwealth started placing bounties on the Wulvers. The only official place that said bounties can be handed in is Calharrow, though some of the other settlements offer their own independent bounties.

*Outcasts - The final group of Wulflanders is the Outcasts, typically outlaws or others who have shunned human company for whatever reason. Whilst dangerous the Wulflands are favoured by those on the run due to the fact that the Royal Alyeskan Air Police is unwilling to venture there unless the outlaw in question has committed a very serious crime.

Wulflander Society

Despite the Wulvers and the nature of those living out in this forsaken region there is a functional society of a sort out in the Wulflands. The area is very much the frontier as luxuries such as running water, electricity, telephones and even a doctor are virtually non-existent other than Calharrow. Thus Wulflanders have to be a practical and resourceful bunch, making the most of what little they do have and try to survive another day. A few fair Wulfland settlements sustain themselves either by scavenging the many ghost towns that now exist, farming food from fortified smallholdings or trading Wulver pelts. Many even share information with the Commonwealth military (normally the Outriders) in exchange for supplies, especially if they're running low on critical items. Some have started catering for the so-called 'Wulver safaris' that have sprung up in recent years.

An informal network of communication and trade has sprung up, though this is heavily reliant on freelance pilots and a handful of radiosets that some settlements have managed to keep running. Wulflanders have to charter an aircraft to deliver messages and goods to other settlements, though normally a trader will fly out to a settlement where he can do business particularly if the settlement has scavenged goods or pelts to sell. Most trade out in the Wulflands is done with a barter based system, occasionally coinage is used. Virtually all of this is done via aircraft, though some attempt to travel via land but not all make it.

Wulfland Adventures

Here are but a few ideas for adventures that take place out in the Wulflands;

*Settlement - The party could be a group of settlers either trying to found a settlement or defend one out in the Wulflands, though they'll be under near constant threat from the Wulvers. They have to manage their resources and interact with other factions for trade which can mean alot of social interactions.

*Outcasts - An Outcast campaign could be similar to the Settlement one above as the party will have to fight for survival and gain resources. Alternatively they could be a band of smugglers using the Wulflands as a route to get goods to and from the sky pirate haven of Broken Spires.

*Military - Finally there is the Military campaign, quite probably where the party are members of the Outriders patrolling the Wulflands. Stealth and combat are going to be the obvious aspect of this sort of campaign but there could be a social aspect as the party interacts with a Wulfland settlement. Alternative the party could be part of the Wulfbane Commando which will lead to a more combat heavy game or for a one-off or short series of adventures they could the survivors of a crashed military aircraft.

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